Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Are you missing something?

As I pulled up to the light on my way to work I noticed that there had just recently been a car accident. There were two vehicles that looked to be disabled on either side of the intersection but no one appeared to be injured. It looked like the suv may have slammed into the back of the compact car while it was sitting at the light. By the looks of it there were no airbags deployed but the front of one and the rear of the other were smashed in pretty good.

As I drove by, it appeared that no one was hurt as the emergency vehicles I’m sure were on the way to the scene. While I was driving I started wondering what might have happened and how I could use that situation in a video and blog post. 

The first thing I thought of was all of the reasons or excuses that someone may give when involved in an accident like that. The sun blinded me, I couldn’t see their brake lights, I spilled coffee on myself, I was yelling at the kids in the backseat, I was playing with the radio or I was texting on my phone were all excuses that I thought may be used.

Often times I think many people are in a huge hurry to get to their destination and many times are distracted. Maybe they are running late and they think they have to drive fast to get to their destination even though they would still be late no matter how fast they drove. 

All of these things are very much realistic as to the excuses some may use if they get into an accident but none of which are good excuses especially if you are the one responsible for the accident.

How can I relate having an accident to living life?

Well, first of all, as I tell you this just know that I am talking to myself since this is a lesson that I must learn too. Second of all I think this lesson is one that many can relate to.

Often times in life we get in a hurry. We get in hurry to go somewhere or get something done because we think we will miss something. Maybe we put an unnecessary time limit on something we want to do or a level we want to reach and in doing so we get in a hurry and blow by everyone and everything else in our path.

My point is this.... when we get in too big of a hurry in life we seem to get distracted. When we get distracted we tend to miss the more important things in life. It’s very easy to get distracted with our busy lives and in turn miss those moments we can’t get back. We miss opportunities and events that may never be replayed. 

So, what are we learning from the accident?

Well, when you get in a hurry while driving a car you could get distracted and possibly cause and accident and maybe even hurt someone in the process. When we get in a hurry in our day to day lives we may also get distracted and miss something and possibly hurt someone in the process.

What can be done to make sure this doesn’t happen? It sounds simple but may not be all that easy to accomplish but I will tell you what I think. 

You have to slow down, keep your hands on the wheel and focus on the road ahead of you! If you focus on the most important things in life then you’re less likely to become distracted and therefore maybe you won’t miss those moments you won’t get back! Don’t go through life in a hurry and miss the more important things in life. Don’t be the one that looks back on your life and wonders why you missed so much because I am still relatively young and I already wonder that very same thing myself!

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