Saturday, January 23, 2016

Is It Worth It?

Well, it's a new year! It seems like these days that the years go by faster and faster. I'm not sure why that is though. It really seems that way the older I get. Every year seems to go by faster and it seems like I have less time to do things.

As many of you know, I am in the car business. I have been doing this for almost 6 years now and it doesn't really get any easier. Every time I think I seem to have a handle on it something happens to put doubt back in my head. I think that's life in general though. Every time I think that I will do this for the rest of my working life I have a month that makes me question the decision to come into this business.

One thing that makes this business so dangerous is the fact that you can make really good money doing it. And once that starts happening it doesn't seem like you can escape. In other words, the more money you're able to make the more debt you seem to accumulate and that's how you get trapped. Now, I'm not saying that I absolutely hate the car business or anything like that. I'm just stating a fact that once you get in it's very hard to get out. The car business has changed dramatically over the years, even since I first started back in 2010. It's actually gotten a little harder in my opinion with the increased use of the internet and the amount of competition that is cut throat. It's all about the numbers and many dealerships don't care how they get to their number and they will do almost anything to get there and use whoever they have to to get there. It's really amazing to me the number of  cars that many dealerships sell. But that doesn't mean things are easy all of the time.

Many dealers use high pressure sales tactics or sneaky pricing schemes that seem a little dishonest to say the least but most of that is just to get people in the door. But most customers don't know the difference and will drive hundreds of miles to "save thousands" as they will tell you, all the while not really saving anything close to that. Many dealers have ways of hiding fees and not charging full taxes, to out of state customers, to make it look like they were getting a much better deal than they actually are. It actually amazes me how well this stuff works. Not all salesmen and dealers are dishonest, I get that, but there are a lot out there that are right on the border and will do whatever it takes to sell a car.

I definitely don't want anyone to think that I am against the car business because I'm not. I have enjoyed my time in it and it has done a great job providing for my family. I'm just saying, is all the time spent here away from your family really worth it? I mean, let's face it, many of us spend more time with our co-workers than with our families and we establish relationships, sometimes, with people at work better than with our own spouses and kids. It really gets one confused about how to separate the two. I have done a good job with this over the years but it doesn't get any easier. Is it worth it? Is the money worth the separation? Many dealers require 5,6, or 7 days a week and many of us work at least 50-60 hours a week and sometimes more. Many managers may only get 1 or 2 days off in a whole month and I'm sure that takes a toll on them and their families. All of this to compensate for a lifestyle that probably started the moment they stepped into the car business.

Once again, I am not bashing the business. I am just stating my opinion on how I feel as one who is actually in the biz. I know it is a choice, and I chose to get in it, but that leads me back to my first point....once you get in, and are successful, it's very hard to get out because where else can you go and make the kind of money to be made in the car business?

Gary P.
"The Fist Pump Guy"