Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blank stares in the room!

One thing that always seems to amaze me, when doing any kind of training, is the amount of blank stares or the noticeable lack on interest. I always wonder what are people thinking. Are they thinking "I don't need this", "I already know this" or "I am so good that I don't need anymore training"? I could think of other things if you gave me time but it would take up too much of your precious time.

What's funny about this whole thing is that most of the people that have "checked out" need the most training, I don't care what title they hold. Are these guys so comfortable in what they think they know that they don't absorb any kind of training or are they selective in what they want to pay attention to? Is it because that they have learned sooooo much that their brains can't handle any more? Is it because they think that the topic at hand doesn't pertain to them? In this world of constant change do they think that they have a secure lock on their position? Have they had a moderate amount of success and they think that what they currently know will continue to sustain them? These are all seriously vital questions that need to be answered simply because, in today's day and time, no one's job is safe.

I mean, think about it for a minute. If you had a job that you've had for a long time and the company sells out to a larger corporation and they decide to "clean house" and bring in all their own people, where do you go at that point? If you've had no extensive training and are too comfortable in what you think you know then what kind of job do you think you are going to be able to do? If you don't have enough knowledge in order to carry you to another company then what are you going to do? Have to start over? Yea, I guess you could find another job doing something similar but may not be as successful.

Ideally, no one wants to think they need to learn anything which I guess could explain people dropping out of school. Nonetheless, learning and growing is essential especially in this present world that changes from day to day. It's been hard for me as well especially with the technology part of it because it seems like everything has gotten harder since the invention of all this new technology. I'm sure it was put in place to make things easier and in some aspects it has done that but some of it I just don't get.

I guess the moral of this post is if you want to grow in your business and become more successful then why wouldn't you think that you could use new training? even if you have heard it before or you are better at it than others around you. Also, if you are in a "leader" position then you have to be the example! You have to show that you want to learn and that you are interested in learning. If you show that you don't care then those "subordinates" under you will NOT care. If you don't stress the importance in improving then they will NOT improve. Sure, they will make you money for a while but once the newness wears off then that will slow as well. What are you going to do at that point? Get rid of them and start over? Why, because you didn't do what you should've done and train them right to begin with? It's easier for some to start over with new people because they can program them but wouldn't be much easier training people the correct way from the start and keep it up instead of yelling at them and tearing them down because you didn't do your job and train them right to begin with? I think you can see the answer!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The 6 Ps of Sales

Today I trained on a topic that I thought would be important to people in the sales industry. Now, there may be a different version of this taught but this is the idea that I came up with that would actually kind of add to the other teaching and that is my 6 Ps of Selling.

People -      you must have clients/customers to work which you get by Prospecting. You can't sell anything without having someone to sell to

Process -     you must learn the process that your company has come up with that they feel is most efficient in order that you might be more Proficient in the Procedure

Product -     you must be knowledgeable in whatever product you are going to be selling so that you may Permeate Perfection to your Prospects

But it starts with

Potential -    you must know or at least think you have Potential and then you must Practice until you reach your goal and then set more goals

Professionalism - is accomplished through Practice to learn the skills necessary to be considered a true Professional in your field

Patience -    you must be patient until you reach your goal. It doesn't happen overnight. But you must Practice Patience through Persistence. In other words you must always be moving forward toward your goals. If you aren't moving forward you are moving backwards

These are just some ideas I had come up with. I'm sure you may have your own but the idea is still the same. Have a goal to shoot for even if it seems out of reach. If your goal is easy you aren't going to work and strive as hard. But if you don't see your own potential to do it then it will be very difficult to even set a goal!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

There's no Participation Trophy in car sales!

One thing I think has hurt the way our children act and the way many people act is because of their sense of entitlement. What I mean by that is that many people, including kids, have developed the sense that they deserve to get something they didn't earn. It happens everyday in this country and it's only getting worse. Also, when we are talking about kids, giving them a trophy for participating in a sport or something like that doesn't really help them want to do better and practice harder. If they already know that they are going to get a "prize" at the end then what is the point of them even trying or developing skills that can carry them further in the real world. Now, granted, I am not talking about everyone or every situation but you get the point.

Now, I need to tie that into the car business for a minute (you probably knew I would)! In this line of sales, and many other sales positions, you don't get paid unless you make a sale! That's where I am going with this and that is that in many sales positions you don't get a Participation Trophy just for "trying". It is very discouraging sometimes but that's part of the sales industry. I know, you might say, "well, if you don't like it then change jobs". In which I would reply, "It's easier said than done". Number 1, and foremost, sales jobs pay, on average, more than most other jobs, unless of course you have some type of fancy degree and even then you might be in some type of sales position. Number 2, depending on the area you live in there may be a scarcity of jobs that will pay you what you need to make or think you deserve. So, running out and finding another job is really out of the question unless some great opportunity just falls in your lap. Besides, I actually like what I do though I do have bad days, weeks and months from time to time.

Now, having said all that, I would like to make a point that is of vital importance to me and many others in this position. That is the fact that if you know someone or are friends or acquaintances of someone in the sales business please do your best to give them your business because, as I said, we don't get a Participation Trophy at the end of the day. Every time I see someone I know come into the dealership and someone else is selling them I get a little aggravated especially when they know I work here.(It's hard not to know where I work with the amount of stuff I have online) Yea, I know, not everyone that you know wants to deal with someone they know and I get that but you must understand the way I take it. I look at it as you are taking money straight from my pocket and handing it directly to someone else kind of like how you pay out taxes. And usually it doesn't affect anyone but one person and that's the one that didn't get the sale. I'm not saying that I "deserve" everyone's business but I'd at least like the opportunity. Listen, if you work for an hourly wage or if you even have a salary or retirement coming in then you may not get what I am saying and I get that but don't take those in the sales profession for granted. Yea, I know, many are not honest and like to deceive people but that's not all of us. It really helps that if you are use to dealing with someone or have bought from someone in particular in the past that you try to get up with them first. There is a big turn over in the this business but it doesn't hurt to ask if "so and so" still works here.

So, in closing, I'd like to reiterate the fact that there isn't a Participation Trophy in the sales industry. Yea, there may be some great opportunities that may come about through sales but the fact of the matter is that we don't get paid unless we sell. So, do me a favor, if you know someone in the sales industry do your best to do business with them. A familiar face is always easier to deal with than someone you don't know.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lawn Care and the Car Business?

Today I trained on the lawn care business. Yes! The lawn care business! My first question was "has anyone ever cut grass or do they have a person cutting their grass?". Of coarse everyone raised their hand. I'm sure, especially in smaller cites and rural areas, that most people cut their own grass or have someone else do it. Then, I asked them to list all the equipment that a Lawn Care professional would need to use. They said things like a mower, weed eater, trimmer, edger, gas, trailer, truck and I added insurance. So, needless to say, they see the expense that is involved in running a small business and the amount of initial investment they have even when they don't know the ultimate outcome or results.

Next, I talked about how most lawn care people have certain strategies or methods in order to get each lawn done and one may vary to the next depending on the terrain and the amount of yard to be done. Some cut in a circle or at angles or even a back and forth method to make it look like lines in the lawn. They have to know the different kinds of grass and how it grows. They have to know how each one of their customers prefer to have their yard cut in order to keep them happy.

Then the question was asked how do they remain relevant with so many companies and individuals doing it now and how they can separate themselves? I then pointed out that unless all the grass burned up, we built so many buildings that covered all the grass or if everyone bought their own equipment and cut their own yard that there will always be a need for lawn care people. But staying ahead and relevant in that business can be difficult. They must keep a good name and good reputation in order to accomplish their ultimate result which many may think of money but I say is growth. You must continue to get better and more relevant in order to continue to grow. Granted, some lawn care professionals only want to get so big because of added expenses but you get the point. But growing any business is important whether you're growing in size or relevance and reputation.

What does this have to do with the car business? Simple, people in the lawn business and the car business both have to be able to sell themselves and their work in order to grow. Also, they must both keep and maintain a good reputation in order to stay needed and relevant. A few mishaps on a mower can lead to a seriously depleted customer base. Likewise, a few bad car deals can keep you from getting repeat business and maybe even new business if it gets online. You must, in either business, continue to do good work and keep improving in order to keep growing the standard.

What does the lawn business have in common with the car business? Other than the need to keep a good name and good reputation there is a need to get a result. Now, in the car business, the ultimate result is delivering a car to get paid but my point is that both business have a result that needs to be accomplished. The main point, of this topic, being that there is usually a common result that is desired in any business but there may be different ways to accomplish it. In other words all lawn companies don't do exactly the same things in order to have a satisfied customer but that is still a result. Likewise, not all salesmen or women have the same strengths or weaknesses but ideally they still want to deliver a car or a product. So, the commonality is they both are working for a positive result/reward!

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Field of Dreams!

Last night I watched a good movie that I haven't probably seen in 20 years or so and that was Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. Both are good actors and have been around for a long time. "If you build it they will come" is probably one of the most famous movie quotes of all time even if you have never seen the movie itself. It may not be one of the greatest movies of all times but it was definitely a good baseball movie and had a good story line.

What does the movie Field of Dreams have to do with the car business or sales? Well, I used it, in the meeting, to show that you must be investing in something mostly yourself in order to grow. In the movie, Kevin Costner, had to build a baseball field in his corn crop which was his lively hood. He stepped out on a limb when everyone else was laughing and ridiculing him even though he had no idea why he had to do it or even what the ultimate outcome would be. He basically cost himself time and money in order to invest in a future that was uncertain.

 I believe, in sales, we must do the same thing. We have to invest in ourselves and our business in order to try and get a good long-term result even though we don't know what that future may hold. Not everyone has the same thinking or even the same things that they feel need to be invested in but it still has to be done in some aspect of your business.

Time is the thing we have the most of that is of value. How are you investing your time daily? Are you using your time wisely in order to reach a goal? If you utilize your time you can and will get results. Let's say you work in the car business for a minute and you have a product that needs selling. Of coarse you need to have the appropriate approach to learning the product though knowledge of the vehicle is only part of the business. You also have to learn how to sell and what to say and what not to say. You have to use whatever tools that may be at your disposal and maybe even some that may not be. Doing videos of the product or yourself are a good use of your time as well as using social media to get you and your business out to the masses.

Investing in the internet part of your business is very important too. It can be expensive depending on how far you want to go with it but ideally you can get a substantial foot in the door on the internet with little or no money. Using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are just a few that can assist you in your progress. And the only thing you are investing in when you use these is your time. It's pretty easy to invest in this part of your business because you can shoot and post a simple video in a matter of minutes. So, make sure that you are utilizing these tools to expand especially since, as of now, they are free for the most part.

To make a long story short, make sure that  you are investing in yourself and your business. You can be somewhat successful nowadays without investing much but you have to look long-term. You don't want to be just a flash in the pan. You want to invest in yourself as much as you can even though you may not know what it will bring or what or where the future may lead you.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Personal Assessment and the 5 As

Today's training was a continuation of yesterday's topic on Personal Assessment. If you want to learn more about that topic just read the post from yesterday. Otherwise, I am just going to post the notes from the meeting. Ideally, these things are important to know and understand if you want to do an effective Personal Assessment. If you can't or won't do these things then you are already perfect and don't need help of any kind. You are the master that needs no teaching.lol.

So, here they are in order. The first one makes the rest tick. If you can't do the first one then you probably don't need to read any further!

ACKNOWLEDGE - accept or admit the existence or truth of or recognize the fact or importance or quality of
-Admit and accept your faults and build from there
-Recognize you may need help and that you must get better in order to grow and to succeed long term

ABSORB - take in or soak up (energy, or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action, typically gradually or engross the attention of
-Soak in all the training possible and use what is beneficial to you and your business
-Read and take notes from successful authors/speakers

ADAPT - make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify or become adjusted to new conditions
-morph into what you need to be in order to continue growing
-Phonebooth salesman
-Think of the amount of college athletes that went to the pros and played a different position so that they would have a better chance to succeed long term

ADJUST - alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result
-Alter your schedule to accommodate your new goal even if it is just a small change
-Change usually starts small

ADVANCE- move forward, typically in a purposeful way
-Always continue moving forward... if you're not moving forward you're moving backwards
-It's a lot harder to drive in reverse than in drive

-Small advances are better than no advances

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Personal Assessment

Today I trained on doing a Personal Assessment and why it is important. In any business venture, that you may be in, it is very important to evaluate yourself. It is so easy for us to look at others and evaluate them and their habits but when it comes to evaluating ourselves we tend to shy away. There can be many reasons why you think that is but I will share with you what I think the answer to that is in a minute. Doing a Personal Assessment can hurt and be very eye opening if you indeed do it honestly and with the hope of truly correcting or improving your situation.
Why is it important to do a Personal Assessment? Well, I'm sure there may be many answers out there that people have concluded but I want to sum it up in one word and that is "GROWTH". Yes, I said "GROWTH". We are living in the most competitive and ego driven society that has ever been spawned. Nobody wants to be wrong and most people think they never are. They want to believe that they have the best way or the best product available. They may indeed but when I say to GROW you must do a Personal Assessment. That means everyone. No matter your profession or walk of life at some point you must look at yourself and see what direction you are going and what direction you actually want to be going. Sometimes we may be headed in a direction that looks right but indeed it could be the wrong direction. So the primary reason I think one must do a Personal Assessment is so that they can continue to GROW. If you're not growing, especially in sales, you are dying.
Now, the question might be "What gets in the way?". I'm sure you and everyone across the world may have their own answer or opinion on this one but my answer is it's because people are too full of Pride. Now, I'm not talking about the kind of Pride you have in a job well done or a good decision you made. I'm talking about the kind of Pride that is deadly. Many people, especially in the business I am in, are very Prideful. Everybody thinks they know everything and no one wants to admit they don't. Nobody thinks they need help or that they need to learn anything hence the blank stares when I am training. I mean let's face it, if you can't do something as simple and basic as coming to work on time then you probably need more training than anyone.....I'm just saying. Besides, you should definitely have enough respect for yourself, not to mention the company you work for, to at least want to try and grow and get better. I see it all the time that people think they are owed something and therefore don't try and learn and grow. They don't believe in hard work anymore. It's all about how to get something for nothing and without working for it. So, look at yourself honestly, do a Personal Assessment. If you need help with something or need help learning something, ask someone or pick up a book. There are many resources out there that can help you get to the next level and to help you not be so Prideful.
Now, a quick list of things to look at when doing a Personal Assessment.

Attire - How you look and present yourself says a lot about you and how much you care. Are you lazy and unorganized and therefore don't have time to iron your clothes? A very serious thing to look at. Remember, first impressions say a lot.
Verbage - Kind of like Garbage.... what you say says a lot about who you really are. Be careful with your speech and look at what comes out of your mouth regardless of who you're around because not everyone wants to listen to the garbage and nonsense.
Knowledge - What you know and what you want to know makes the difference. Always be willing to get better and eager to learn from those that are more knowledgeable than you. You never know where that will lead.
Attitude - I  could talk for a long time on this topic but to make it short.... how is your attitude towards yourself and those around you? Is it easy to see how your day is going when someone looks at you? Are you easy to upset? How are you about life in general? Very important to know these especially in any sales position.
Ethics - How honest are you about things? Are you willing to overlook dishonesty especially when it benefits you? Do you stand up for what is right and ethical or do you fall suspect to those around you that suck you into their dishonesty? Do you allow your children to be dishonest? If not, why not if you are being dishonest?
Setting Goals - It's very important to set goals. No matter what you do for a living or what you want to do in life it is very important to have an objective. No objective means no direction. Which way are you headed?

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The ABCs of Selling!

Today I trained on a topic that is essential in any kind of sales industry especially in the car sales industry. It's pretty simple to understand the basics of this topic but it's also very important to understand these points in order to make yourself relevant. In an ever growing digital age it is very important to make sure that you are growing in your craft no matter what type of sales you currently work in. The following steps will help you become a better you.

Give yourself
A Better Chance
By looking for
A Big Clue
Always Be Collecting Data
Always Being Consistent
Always Be Careful
All Bases are Covered
So that you may
Always Be Closing

Essentially the whole point is to make sure you are giving yourself A Better Chance to be successful by setting yourself up for that success. At the end of the day you must Be Closing in order to hit your goals and to stay relevant and grow your Reputation! 

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

If you're not first you're last?

One thing that is very hard to get use to in the car business is the fact that we have what we call "a 30 day career". What I mean by that is that since you have to basically start over every month it's like having a 30 day career.  In other words, you could have a great month then a bad month or two and sometimes, depending on your employer, you could be let go. Not that it happens like that very often but it could. Most dealers give you more like 90 days but you get the point.
No matter how long you've been in this business it doesn't get any easier. You work really hard to make a successful month then you have to start over around the 1st and the cycle continues over and over as long as you are in it. Hence, the saying, you go from hero to zero. In other words you have a very good month and maybe even lead the board and on the 1st you are back at zero. It almost seems like what Ricky Bobby said in Talladega Nights, "If you're not first you're last". It's really not like that but it can feel like that sometimes. You can have a record breaking month and make the dealer a lot of money and once the 1st hits it's like it didn't even matter or happen. No matter how hard you worked it really isn't that noticed.
I've noticed that everyone has a bad month from time to time. I mean, the level of a bad month actually is dependent on each individual's averages but it still happens from time to time. Every one, in this business, has a month that doesn't match up to their standards. It's hard to swallow sometimes, especially when you don't hit your own goals. Now, some will do anything to make their month, even if it's dishonest though I choose not to. And even some managers will let things slide under the rug just to hit numbers but when the 1st hits you start all over no matter if you or the company hits its goals. I've been doing this a while now but it's still hard to get use to. I always kinda dread the 1st of the month to be honest with you. I struggle with the fact that no matter how hard I worked or the sweat I put in that it starts all over around the 1st. Also, the 1st brings about bills and usually we don't even get our commission checks til around the 7th so I have to plan them out ahead of time. So, if I have a bad month it could affect the next month before I even have a chance to sell anything.
So, though I do think it's important to hit the goals you need to hit to make your month and pay your bills, I don't necessarily believe that "if you're not 1st you're last" because I don't compare myself to others. The main reason is because, though some sell more than I do, I can't focus on them because it may effect what I normally do to stay ahead. If you are competitive it will happen from time to time that you may try to out do others but at the end of the day it's about the effort you put forth to make the month happen that you need to happen in order to provide for you and/or your family.

Yes, we are technically in a 30 day career, but it doesn't really have to be like that as long as you work hard at whatever you do and put forth the effort and practice that is necessary to stay on top of your game. Keep pushing forward and don't let others around you affect what and how you work your business. Do what you know to be right and honest and it will eventually work itself out for you.

Thanks for reading!

Fist Pump Guy out!

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