Friday, March 20, 2015

One's True Character

One thing that truly troubles me in this business, or any part of life in general, is what people will do or how people will change when they are put in desperate times. Often many people put their trust in the wrong thing or the wrong person to get what they want. Greed also sometimes takes over and also contributes to some of the same characteristics.
Many times you can see who or what a person truly is when put into those challenging positions. When these times come people change their character and usually not for the better. They start trying to lie, cheat and steal their way back. Two problems with this is one, it's not morally okay to do any of these and two, they usually either come back to haunt you or lead you deeper into the abyss. Once that slippery slope is approached you start sliding. One leads to another and then to another until eventually there is no turning back. 
Usually people that do these things on a regular basis are immune and numb to the fact that they are doing them. They seem not to understand, or care, that lying, cheating or stealing to get ahead are not okay until they get caught and then, and only then, do they want forgiveness. This is not true remorse but only guilt which aren't the same thing and many don't understand the difference. 
These people even seem to do these things to people they know and love. This is truly disturbing because if one can lie, cheat and steal to and from people they know then it probably isn't any problem doing these things to people they don't know.
In a society where morals are growing worse and worse, though many will say they are getting better, it is getting harder and harder for many to distinguish between a truly honest person and one that is deceitful and that leads people think that everyone is dishonest when they may not be. I would hope that this wouldn't be the case but sadly I think a lot of the time it is.
I think everyone should have to earn a living at something but unfortunately many people want to get things for nothing and get them dishonestly and that makes it hard for everyone else that wants to do things honestly.
 My whole idea for writing this particular blog is to say that sometimes what we see on the outside of someone is not always what is on the inside and many of those people are only concerned with themselves (you might call this selfish) and how they can accomplish what they want to accomplish no matter who it hurts.