Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blank stares in the room!

One thing that always seems to amaze me, when doing any kind of training, is the amount of blank stares or the noticeable lack on interest. I always wonder what are people thinking. Are they thinking "I don't need this", "I already know this" or "I am so good that I don't need anymore training"? I could think of other things if you gave me time but it would take up too much of your precious time.

What's funny about this whole thing is that most of the people that have "checked out" need the most training, I don't care what title they hold. Are these guys so comfortable in what they think they know that they don't absorb any kind of training or are they selective in what they want to pay attention to? Is it because that they have learned sooooo much that their brains can't handle any more? Is it because they think that the topic at hand doesn't pertain to them? In this world of constant change do they think that they have a secure lock on their position? Have they had a moderate amount of success and they think that what they currently know will continue to sustain them? These are all seriously vital questions that need to be answered simply because, in today's day and time, no one's job is safe.

I mean, think about it for a minute. If you had a job that you've had for a long time and the company sells out to a larger corporation and they decide to "clean house" and bring in all their own people, where do you go at that point? If you've had no extensive training and are too comfortable in what you think you know then what kind of job do you think you are going to be able to do? If you don't have enough knowledge in order to carry you to another company then what are you going to do? Have to start over? Yea, I guess you could find another job doing something similar but may not be as successful.

Ideally, no one wants to think they need to learn anything which I guess could explain people dropping out of school. Nonetheless, learning and growing is essential especially in this present world that changes from day to day. It's been hard for me as well especially with the technology part of it because it seems like everything has gotten harder since the invention of all this new technology. I'm sure it was put in place to make things easier and in some aspects it has done that but some of it I just don't get.

I guess the moral of this post is if you want to grow in your business and become more successful then why wouldn't you think that you could use new training? even if you have heard it before or you are better at it than others around you. Also, if you are in a "leader" position then you have to be the example! You have to show that you want to learn and that you are interested in learning. If you show that you don't care then those "subordinates" under you will NOT care. If you don't stress the importance in improving then they will NOT improve. Sure, they will make you money for a while but once the newness wears off then that will slow as well. What are you going to do at that point? Get rid of them and start over? Why, because you didn't do what you should've done and train them right to begin with? It's easier for some to start over with new people because they can program them but wouldn't be much easier training people the correct way from the start and keep it up instead of yelling at them and tearing them down because you didn't do your job and train them right to begin with? I think you can see the answer!

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