Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The 6 Ps of Sales

Today I trained on a topic that I thought would be important to people in the sales industry. Now, there may be a different version of this taught but this is the idea that I came up with that would actually kind of add to the other teaching and that is my 6 Ps of Selling.

People -      you must have clients/customers to work which you get by Prospecting. You can't sell anything without having someone to sell to

Process -     you must learn the process that your company has come up with that they feel is most efficient in order that you might be more Proficient in the Procedure

Product -     you must be knowledgeable in whatever product you are going to be selling so that you may Permeate Perfection to your Prospects

But it starts with

Potential -    you must know or at least think you have Potential and then you must Practice until you reach your goal and then set more goals

Professionalism - is accomplished through Practice to learn the skills necessary to be considered a true Professional in your field

Patience -    you must be patient until you reach your goal. It doesn't happen overnight. But you must Practice Patience through Persistence. In other words you must always be moving forward toward your goals. If you aren't moving forward you are moving backwards

These are just some ideas I had come up with. I'm sure you may have your own but the idea is still the same. Have a goal to shoot for even if it seems out of reach. If your goal is easy you aren't going to work and strive as hard. But if you don't see your own potential to do it then it will be very difficult to even set a goal!

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