Sunday, July 3, 2016

If you're not first you're last?

One thing that is very hard to get use to in the car business is the fact that we have what we call "a 30 day career". What I mean by that is that since you have to basically start over every month it's like having a 30 day career.  In other words, you could have a great month then a bad month or two and sometimes, depending on your employer, you could be let go. Not that it happens like that very often but it could. Most dealers give you more like 90 days but you get the point.
No matter how long you've been in this business it doesn't get any easier. You work really hard to make a successful month then you have to start over around the 1st and the cycle continues over and over as long as you are in it. Hence, the saying, you go from hero to zero. In other words you have a very good month and maybe even lead the board and on the 1st you are back at zero. It almost seems like what Ricky Bobby said in Talladega Nights, "If you're not first you're last". It's really not like that but it can feel like that sometimes. You can have a record breaking month and make the dealer a lot of money and once the 1st hits it's like it didn't even matter or happen. No matter how hard you worked it really isn't that noticed.
I've noticed that everyone has a bad month from time to time. I mean, the level of a bad month actually is dependent on each individual's averages but it still happens from time to time. Every one, in this business, has a month that doesn't match up to their standards. It's hard to swallow sometimes, especially when you don't hit your own goals. Now, some will do anything to make their month, even if it's dishonest though I choose not to. And even some managers will let things slide under the rug just to hit numbers but when the 1st hits you start all over no matter if you or the company hits its goals. I've been doing this a while now but it's still hard to get use to. I always kinda dread the 1st of the month to be honest with you. I struggle with the fact that no matter how hard I worked or the sweat I put in that it starts all over around the 1st. Also, the 1st brings about bills and usually we don't even get our commission checks til around the 7th so I have to plan them out ahead of time. So, if I have a bad month it could affect the next month before I even have a chance to sell anything.
So, though I do think it's important to hit the goals you need to hit to make your month and pay your bills, I don't necessarily believe that "if you're not 1st you're last" because I don't compare myself to others. The main reason is because, though some sell more than I do, I can't focus on them because it may effect what I normally do to stay ahead. If you are competitive it will happen from time to time that you may try to out do others but at the end of the day it's about the effort you put forth to make the month happen that you need to happen in order to provide for you and/or your family.

Yes, we are technically in a 30 day career, but it doesn't really have to be like that as long as you work hard at whatever you do and put forth the effort and practice that is necessary to stay on top of your game. Keep pushing forward and don't let others around you affect what and how you work your business. Do what you know to be right and honest and it will eventually work itself out for you.

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