Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lawn Care and the Car Business?

Today I trained on the lawn care business. Yes! The lawn care business! My first question was "has anyone ever cut grass or do they have a person cutting their grass?". Of coarse everyone raised their hand. I'm sure, especially in smaller cites and rural areas, that most people cut their own grass or have someone else do it. Then, I asked them to list all the equipment that a Lawn Care professional would need to use. They said things like a mower, weed eater, trimmer, edger, gas, trailer, truck and I added insurance. So, needless to say, they see the expense that is involved in running a small business and the amount of initial investment they have even when they don't know the ultimate outcome or results.

Next, I talked about how most lawn care people have certain strategies or methods in order to get each lawn done and one may vary to the next depending on the terrain and the amount of yard to be done. Some cut in a circle or at angles or even a back and forth method to make it look like lines in the lawn. They have to know the different kinds of grass and how it grows. They have to know how each one of their customers prefer to have their yard cut in order to keep them happy.

Then the question was asked how do they remain relevant with so many companies and individuals doing it now and how they can separate themselves? I then pointed out that unless all the grass burned up, we built so many buildings that covered all the grass or if everyone bought their own equipment and cut their own yard that there will always be a need for lawn care people. But staying ahead and relevant in that business can be difficult. They must keep a good name and good reputation in order to accomplish their ultimate result which many may think of money but I say is growth. You must continue to get better and more relevant in order to continue to grow. Granted, some lawn care professionals only want to get so big because of added expenses but you get the point. But growing any business is important whether you're growing in size or relevance and reputation.

What does this have to do with the car business? Simple, people in the lawn business and the car business both have to be able to sell themselves and their work in order to grow. Also, they must both keep and maintain a good reputation in order to stay needed and relevant. A few mishaps on a mower can lead to a seriously depleted customer base. Likewise, a few bad car deals can keep you from getting repeat business and maybe even new business if it gets online. You must, in either business, continue to do good work and keep improving in order to keep growing the standard.

What does the lawn business have in common with the car business? Other than the need to keep a good name and good reputation there is a need to get a result. Now, in the car business, the ultimate result is delivering a car to get paid but my point is that both business have a result that needs to be accomplished. The main point, of this topic, being that there is usually a common result that is desired in any business but there may be different ways to accomplish it. In other words all lawn companies don't do exactly the same things in order to have a satisfied customer but that is still a result. Likewise, not all salesmen or women have the same strengths or weaknesses but ideally they still want to deliver a car or a product. So, the commonality is they both are working for a positive result/reward!

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