Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Personal Assessment

Today I trained on doing a Personal Assessment and why it is important. In any business venture, that you may be in, it is very important to evaluate yourself. It is so easy for us to look at others and evaluate them and their habits but when it comes to evaluating ourselves we tend to shy away. There can be many reasons why you think that is but I will share with you what I think the answer to that is in a minute. Doing a Personal Assessment can hurt and be very eye opening if you indeed do it honestly and with the hope of truly correcting or improving your situation.
Why is it important to do a Personal Assessment? Well, I'm sure there may be many answers out there that people have concluded but I want to sum it up in one word and that is "GROWTH". Yes, I said "GROWTH". We are living in the most competitive and ego driven society that has ever been spawned. Nobody wants to be wrong and most people think they never are. They want to believe that they have the best way or the best product available. They may indeed but when I say to GROW you must do a Personal Assessment. That means everyone. No matter your profession or walk of life at some point you must look at yourself and see what direction you are going and what direction you actually want to be going. Sometimes we may be headed in a direction that looks right but indeed it could be the wrong direction. So the primary reason I think one must do a Personal Assessment is so that they can continue to GROW. If you're not growing, especially in sales, you are dying.
Now, the question might be "What gets in the way?". I'm sure you and everyone across the world may have their own answer or opinion on this one but my answer is it's because people are too full of Pride. Now, I'm not talking about the kind of Pride you have in a job well done or a good decision you made. I'm talking about the kind of Pride that is deadly. Many people, especially in the business I am in, are very Prideful. Everybody thinks they know everything and no one wants to admit they don't. Nobody thinks they need help or that they need to learn anything hence the blank stares when I am training. I mean let's face it, if you can't do something as simple and basic as coming to work on time then you probably need more training than anyone.....I'm just saying. Besides, you should definitely have enough respect for yourself, not to mention the company you work for, to at least want to try and grow and get better. I see it all the time that people think they are owed something and therefore don't try and learn and grow. They don't believe in hard work anymore. It's all about how to get something for nothing and without working for it. So, look at yourself honestly, do a Personal Assessment. If you need help with something or need help learning something, ask someone or pick up a book. There are many resources out there that can help you get to the next level and to help you not be so Prideful.
Now, a quick list of things to look at when doing a Personal Assessment.

Attire - How you look and present yourself says a lot about you and how much you care. Are you lazy and unorganized and therefore don't have time to iron your clothes? A very serious thing to look at. Remember, first impressions say a lot.
Verbage - Kind of like Garbage.... what you say says a lot about who you really are. Be careful with your speech and look at what comes out of your mouth regardless of who you're around because not everyone wants to listen to the garbage and nonsense.
Knowledge - What you know and what you want to know makes the difference. Always be willing to get better and eager to learn from those that are more knowledgeable than you. You never know where that will lead.
Attitude - I  could talk for a long time on this topic but to make it short.... how is your attitude towards yourself and those around you? Is it easy to see how your day is going when someone looks at you? Are you easy to upset? How are you about life in general? Very important to know these especially in any sales position.
Ethics - How honest are you about things? Are you willing to overlook dishonesty especially when it benefits you? Do you stand up for what is right and ethical or do you fall suspect to those around you that suck you into their dishonesty? Do you allow your children to be dishonest? If not, why not if you are being dishonest?
Setting Goals - It's very important to set goals. No matter what you do for a living or what you want to do in life it is very important to have an objective. No objective means no direction. Which way are you headed?

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