Monday, May 2, 2016

How do you measure success?

In many ways the car business is primarily focused on units sold and that is usually how many dealers measure their success monthly and also how many sales people measure their success monthly. The other side of that is focused primarily on gross and that is how they measure their success. If you listen to many of the big names out there they say that money is the focus always. When you listen to them speak they always gear success towards money. That begs the question of "Is monetary things the only way to measure success?"

Well, the idea has always been that money is the ultimate goal and factor of one's success. I want to tell you that I try my hardest to not make things about money nor do I try to compare myself with others around me that make more money. I don't mean that I don't want to make money or that I don't need money because I have bills like everyone else. I simply wanted to state that because, though selling cars is the ultimate goal, that focusing only on that and how to make more money can take other things away from you. It can take your happiness and joy and replace it with resentment and stress along with worry. Now, granted, I still worry sometimes, not because I want to for sure, but because I have place a bigger burden on myself than I need to. I try not to but if you have a bad month or a bad few months and you get behind then your stress level rises and then you find yourself doing or saying things you may not want to nor realize you are. I guess that is part of being in sales.

Having said that, if you have a good and supporting spouse you can have a different attitude. My wife, for example, is pretty supportive of me. I do my best to not talk about my day because her job, by far, is way more important and stressful than mine. I do my best to be supportive of her too but she is supportive in the fact that she has confidence in me. Being in the car business is very stressful and it has a tendency to effect your life especially the family. Long hours worked and almost every Saturday can and will take a toll on the relationship you might have with your family. In turn, if you have trouble at home it can affect you at work, regardless of your profession.

I guess what I am getting at is this. though I want to be successful and have things that I need, I don't necessarily base my income on my success. Yes, I have made good money in the car business and I thank God for what He blesses me with but I don't want the money and material stuff to be what measures my success. I want my relationship with my Lord, my wife and my kids to be my ultimate measuring stick. If I have all the money in the world and my relationship with any of the three is not good then I have nothing. The Bible says "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" not because money, in itself, is evil but the love of it. It can and will affect your marriage and other relationships if you let it be the primary focus in any part of your life. If money is your primary, and most important goal then you may be blinded to what you truly need in your life and what your family truly needs form you. Yes, have stuff is nice but not if you have to sacrifice the happiness and joy that comes from your family. Many people have committed suicide, divorced their spouse and even robbed and killed because of their "need" for money.

All that to say, don't let your goal of making lots of money and having material things affect your relationship with others. When is it enough? After you've lost all the important people in your life? or to the point you don't care about anyone else but yourself?

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