Friday, May 20, 2016

Customer service matters!

Had a good training class this a.m. Thank you Kevin for your preparation and input. We mainly discussed how to better streamline the finance dept and try and speed up the process without hitting snags. Having paperwork filled out properly and completely is a must in order to make sure your customer isn't waiting too long. If the finance dept gets held up because of your mistake then please don't blame the finance dept when your deal doesn't close.

Customer service has to always be in mind in whatever business you might be in. We are in a time, in this country especially, when we are in a big hurry. We are usually more concerned with more and more numbers instead of focusing on individual needs. Yes, it is difficult sometimes when everything is based on budgets and goals but we have to be very careful not to just treat the customer/client like another number. Part of the problem is because businesses have become so cut throat and another cause is because in order to get a decent paycheck you have to sell more units or contracts. Granted, that's where we've put ourselves. We've trained the customer to be more price conscious and want to shop more. The problem with that is that when a customer doesn't purchase local they are doing themselves a great injustice, though they may not realize it. We have to make sure they are our focus and not the #s. Yes we need to strive to hit the numbers but it should never be in sacrifice of customer service like some of the big retailers!

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