Friday, May 6, 2016

Is an online presence necessary today?

One thing I've learned in this business, if I've learned nothing else, is that you must always be learning. I've heard it said that "if you are not moving forward you are moving backwards". I can see how that is so in many different lines of work but especially in the car business have I seen this. I'm not one that needs to be rich or be known more than anyone else but I can see where learning everyday is a must. I look around some days and see different sales people that show no desire to learn or try and progress. They seem content to just do nothing and hope something happens. Not to say that product knowledge is more important than anything else but it is necessary. You must work to try to improve all of your skills in order to move to the next level or even to stay in tune with where you are. With an ever growing market and social media growth now, more than ever, one needs to be able to set himself/herself apart from the crowd. Now, how to do that may be different from the next person but it is necessary. 

With more and more people shopping for vehicles online the salesman is not as needed as they once were but for now are still needed at least. So, we know that an online presence is very necessary which is why an online presence is necessary for many salespeople. I'm not saying that everyone has to be online or have websites in order to be successful but there may come a time when it is definitely necessary. Keep in mind that if many people are shopping online then they are also looking at online reviews for your dealership/business and for some of the salesman that may be working there. If you or your dealership have a bad reputation then it may come down to them going somewhere else to shop even if you are very local. Having a good online image is vitally important!

What do people see when they search you online? Do they see vulgar things or things that would make you seem like you are disrespectful and dishonest? Do they see a recent arrest record or conviction of theft or something like that? Or, do they see a bunch of 5 star reviews? Do they see that you are family man/woman that loves people and seems to have a heart to help people? Do they see all the customers that you've helped or sold to? Do they see your name pop up whenever a video is searched or your dealership is searched? Do they see awards you have won and promotions that you may have received? Remember, many people do shop price, though not as much as you might think, but they will pay a little more and drive a little further to work with someone that they like and trust, even if all they have seen or heard of you is online. If, you don't think people are searching you online then you are deceived! Maybe not everyone but many, many do!

So, the question comes down to, "What do people see when they search you online?". It is very important, especially long term, that people see good things when they search you. It may take a while for the online presence to really pay off but it will. If you only got one or two more deals more a month from people searching you online then that is payment in itself. Even if you wanted to start a personal website the cost is very minimum. And most social media sites are cost free, at least for now, and they are easy to use. Use as many as you can keep up with! Hire an assistant if necessary to work your social media alone! 

Thanks for reading!

Fist Pump Guy Out!

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