Wednesday, May 11, 2016

1st time in a while!

Sometimes with the busyness of our life, the hectic work schedules and a rambunctious 4 year old I forget how nice it is just to have a few hours alone with my wife. I know many husbands don't really like or want to be around their wives that much at one time but I truly enjoy it. Yea, I'm a little aggravating sometimes with my joking around but I think she still loves me. We don't really get to do it much and since we both had today off together, which is odd in itself.....thanks Mary, we decided to do something together. We went to the movies for probably the 1st time in about a year or so. We are both super hero nerds at heart and watched The Avengers Civil War movie, which was awesome btw and wouldn't mind seeing it again. It doesn't seem like much just to go to the movies together but it's nice for it to just be the two of us from time to time. We didn't really have to worry about work too much, though we both had to deal with some work type texts. We just got our tickets, a huge thing of popcorn extra butter, nachos with extra cheese and jalapeƱos....which I'm paying for now, and had most of it eaten before the movie even started!lol. We held hands and she even put her feet across my legs. It was almost like no one else was even there. I don't get to tell people stuff like this often but I really enjoyed this day with her. No matter how tough our jobs are and how much we stress sometimes we always seem to let all that go when we go to the movies or out in general even though it's not very often. I wish we had the opportunity to do things like this more often but I guess when you don't get use to doing it regularly it makes it even that more special!
Thanks for the awesome day sweetheart!
Fist Pump Guy out!

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