Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sad but necessary

Just for the record, I am never happy with someone getting terminated from their employer. Yes, sometimes it is necessary and yes, many times it is warranted but I am never happy about it. I would much rather see someone learn from their mistakes, or from warnings that have been given, and change their ways verses being terminated. If one refuses to change and can't listen to counsel then that person is untrainable and therefore may need to seek employment elsewhere but it still doesn't make me happy. I don't like anyone struggling at all but if one continues in wicked ways and continues to get caught then people have to make decisions, no matter how tough it might be.

But isn't it ironic that when a person is thought of to be a certain way that when something like termination happens that the same one affirms what people already believed about them? You can really see who people really are when adversity strikes. Sometimes people take it in stride and move on and then some have to resort to anger and hostility because that's all they have inside them anyways. That's the persons true character. The one that comes out when some type of adversity hits. But even then, I am not happy or excited when someone gets fired no matter if it is for the best or not. It's really sad to see and I don't like it. So, just to be clear, I don't get happy or excited, nor do I like it, when someone gets terminated though it may be necessary. When I was a manager with a big retail chain I never liked terminating people though it was necessary and part of my job. I have never been fired from a job, thank God, but I have seen it happen many times and have fired people too and it is hard every single time. Yes, they deserved it many times because of tardiness, absences, thefts or whatever else but it isn't easy.

In closing, a few comments about my post yesterday, I want to say I still feel the same about what I said. If someone is purposely being dishonest they need to be let go, especially after they've been warned or talked to. It isn't personal but a necessary part of running an honest business. One, it is necessary for morale because you don't want others doing the same things and thinking it is okay to do dishonest things. And two, it's important to set standards and follow through with them. When you are training people it is very important to prepare them for the real world. Do people get things by being dishonest? Yes, but that still doesn't make it right. Would you teach your kids to lie and cheat and steal knowing what the consequences are? No?! Then why would we want to accept it from friends or co-workers? The answer is pretty clear to me but not everyone thinks like I do. I actually think of others. Maybe not as much as I'm suppose to or even as much as I should but ultimately that is part of my goal. As I said yesterday, selfishness is dangerous and can lead to many terrible things in your life and those around you. So, don't think for a minute that you doing things that are dishonest isn't noticed at some point. Maybe a kid you know, a co-worker, a boss or even your own child may see it and mimic what they just saw and think that because you did it then it's okay.

Think about it!

Have a great Wednesday!

Fist Pump Guy Out!

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