Sunday, June 19, 2016

Questioning integrity

I want to talk about a situation that happened at work yesterday but first let me do a summary of my training from last week. If you read my last blog post then you will see that I trained a lot on how important one's Reputation can be, especially if you're in any kind of sales or if you own your own business. Basically, without going through every point, your Reputation is built through effort of your own to earn Respect and ultimately earns you Results/Rewards. Now, having said that, I am a big proponent of honesty in the workplace. I don't really care what kind of business you have but I believe that trust, honesty and integrity are some very important qualities that one can have. Granted, not all think like I do, especially in the car business, but that's who I am. So, when someone questions my integrity I get a little upset.
Now, to the event yesterday. I was confronted about a situation that happened with a customer I had just sold. Now, just a thought, if you assume something without having the facts it can lead to a serious situation so don't do that. Also, if you have an issue with someone then you need to find out the facts and then try and find out what happened instead of accusing someone. Because, though you might think they did something to deceive another doesn't always necessarily mean they did. What I mean is that things aren't always what they appear to be on the surface unless that's what you've already made up in your mind has happened. So, I guess where I am going with this is the fact that because my integrity was questioned in a public environment without allowing me time to explain what happened and when I do get somewhat of a chance to explain I then am basically called a liar and compared to those that do things purposely to deceive others when I didn't even do what I was being accused of. So, needless to say I got highly upset. Those that know me know that I don't get upset often especially to the point where I am actually angry. That happened yesterday. For that I am sorry. I apologize to any employee or customer that may have heard the commotion when I lost my cool. I am truly sorry that I let my emotions get the best of me. I really got too upset over an issue that, first of all didn't happen but second of all wasn't worth the time it took to get that mad. But had the person asked me about the situation instead of accusing me then I don't believe that it would have taken place at all. But instead of doing just a little bit of research this person jumped to conclusions and questioned my integrity which I take to heart. That's no excuse for me losing my temper like that and again I am sorry for that. 
So, now I am going to offer some helpful tips to anyone that suspects something dishonest is going on and the steps to handle it. First, take a look at the Reputation of the person you're about to accuse. See, what kind of example they have been and their track record. Are they someone that has done these things before multiple times? Are they someone that is always trying to deceive others or stealing from them? Has it been proven at other jobs that they are that type of person? Second, do your research. Look into the situation first and gather the facts. Give the benefit of the doubt if you have no proof. That's better than making yourself look like an idiot because you accused someone of doing something they didn't do. Third, gather those facts and make sure they are accurate. Sometimes, "taking a witness' word for it" may not be good enough since they may have their own agenda against that person too. Forth, after you have gathered all you think you need, or even if you have found no evidence, go to the person in private and try and talk it out. That would be much better that confronting someone in front of co-workers because they will definitely go on the defensive real quick. If you truly want to know the truth then you will actually listen. If you have already made up your mind then you won't hear a word they say and will probably either cut them off or not let them talk at all. Not doing these things to handle a situation correctly can and will ruin work relationships especially in the car business since we spend more time with they guys and girls at the dealership than we do with our own families. Now, I understand that we spend 10-12 hours a day with each other and we can act like brothers sometimes and fight but it doesn't need to be over something that isn't true and petty.
Just a side note, you notice I didn't mention going to a manager for help. The reason is, in the car business anyways, because they don't like handling these types of situations. A lot of times they have their own agenda against the same person and won't handle the situation correctly either. Besides, as long as the car gets sold they don't care who sells it even if it was done most cases anyways. So, going to a manager isn't always they best way to handle a situation. My theory on this is that though a manager may have one or two they can count on to get a job done or get a customer served others may see that as favoritism and therefore develop and agenda that is obvious. So, just use common since when going to a manager even if it just for advice because, though many of them are knowledgeable in what they do many haven't been trained how to handle people and learn how to deal with situations nor do they want to. 
So, to make a long story short, do your research and give people the benefit of the doubt especially if you know them to be an honorable and respectful person instead of accusing and confronting them for something they might not have done. 

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading!

Fist Pump Guy Out!
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