Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Are you in the right soil?

Do you have problems keeping plants alive? Does every plant or flower that you buy seem to die in just a short time once you get it home? Would you even be able to keep a cactus alive that needs very little care? If not there may be some things to look for that might could help.

1) Look for weeds. Often times if you don’t clean out the weeds often enough then they may choke out your flowers. Weeds will out grow flowers quickly and steal vital food and nutrients in the process.

2) Too much sun? Sometimes the plants and flowers are getting too much or too little sunlight. Many plants can’t handle direct sunlight and some need a little sunlight. It’s often difficult to get the plants and flowers the right amount of sunlight but could be a main reason why they don’t live.

3) Watering often enough? Many times a main reason your plants and flowers die is because of lack of water. Watering the appropriate amount at the right times can make a huge difference in the life of your plants and flowers. Likewise, too much water can drown and kill them as well.

4) The right climate? Sometimes plants have a hard time growing in certain climates. It’s often through the result of study and research that you can make sure that your plants are in the right climate perfect for them to grow.

5) How’s the soil? The soil is one of the most important parts of a healthy growing plant or flower. If they are planted in the incorrect soil then they may not be able to get the proper nutrients necessary for them to grow. Sometimes you must repot or move the plants or flowers to new soil.

The reason your plants die could be all of these or none of them. There are a variety of things that can affect the life of a plant or flower including themselves. Maybe the plant or flower has a disease or bacteria in it that kills it and possibly kills the plants around it. This one is sometimes one of the hardest to recognize and yet keeps killing your plants and flowers right under your nose.

Why am I giving you a class on plants and flowers?

I want to apply it to your professional life!

There are often times that we grow unhappy with our jobs. It could be something that develops over time or could happen very quickly in a small amount of time. Sometimes we grow unhappy or discontent and have no idea why.

I do have 3 reasons that you may grow unhappy with your job. These may not apply to everyone but often time it’s one of these 3.

1) The culture isn’t good. The lack of a good workplace culture is a leading reason why someone might grow unhappy and want to leave a job. Maybe they don’t treat people well or don’t address concerns promptly. Maybe they don’t desire to help those in the community or they don’t have an open door or at least not an effective one. These are just examples that could describe a job with a poor work culture and aren’t all inclusive.

2) The managers are bad! The #1 reason people grow unhappy and leave jobs are because of bad managers. Most of the time these bad managers aren’t leaders. They don’t know how to deal with people and aren’t good at helping employees grow. Maybe they are only interested in their own needs and desires and seem to overlook the ones they supervise.

3) It’s you! Sometimes the reason we grow unhappy with a job is it’s us. Maybe we stop working as hard or consistently and that has caused our incomes to decline. Maybe we don’t like the people we work with or work for. Maybe we have become less than positive and it has affected our mindset so much that we become discontent and unhappy.

Any of these reasons could be the cause to our unhappiness or maybe a combination of the 3 but either way you may need a change. If you’ve grown so unhappy that your work performance has diminished then you may need to change soils. Much like you might have to repot that plant into new soil to try and help it live you may need the same thing and replant yourself in different soil. It could even be a different position if you can’t seem to get out of the funk. I’m not saying the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence but sometimes it is necessary to try new soil to see if it can get you to growing again.

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